all in the golden afternoon

bursts of bliss-pop perfection Cheer Up Charlie's 23 September, 2015

Husband and wife duo, All In The Golden Afternoon, opened up the show with a pulsating and haunting soundscape. Later launching into a more ethereal, dreamy groove, All In The Golden Afternoon’s key sense of pacing led the audience into a hypnotic tour of just how skillfully varied their sound can be. Seamlessly transitioning from floating ambience to driving guitar to a kind of dreamy, sexy surf rock, duo Rachel Staggs and Carlos Jackson captivated the crowd and never became redundant. At first glance, Staggs had a kind of 12-string-wielding Stevie Nicks of shoegaze vibe, but ultimately proved to be a talented songstress in her own right. Together with the calculated synths and strings of Carlos Jackson and a live drummer, Staggs helped to deliver a great set, both arty and abstract at times while exhibiting a more structured dream pop at others. All In The Golden Afternoon has a new tape out, something that Staggs told the audience was “an experimental thing…we did some weird stuff.”

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