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Magic Lighthouse on the Infinite Sea Vinyl LP


Magic Lighthouse on the Infinite Sea Vinyl LP


2011 full length vinyl LP on Magic Lighthouse Records

Art by Iker Spozio

1 advice from a caterpillar

2 tidal wave

3 symphonies of spirits

4 30th & sanchez

5 gulf coast highway

6 up all night

7 in the sky

8 less and less

9 the pool of tears

10 in a box

11 beneath the setting sun

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Named after a poem from the trippiest of children’s books, Lewis Carroll’s “Alice In Wonderland”, husband and wife duo Carlos Jackson and Rachel Staggs specialise in lo-fi, deceptively innocent sounding dream pop but which on this outing at least displays both an edge and a creative maturity which ensures it never sounds twee.

 Ranging from instrumental like “Advice From A Caterpillar” and  “The Pool of Tears”, the woozy acid pop of “In A Box” - which sounds like a slowed down and deconstructed outtake from Hawkwind’s “Hall of Mountain Grill”  - delightful, semi-sweet shoegaze vignettes and the hypno-tronic, download –only closer “Up All Night – Western Arms Remix” *, Magic Lighthouse on the Infinite Sea is bound to draw at least superficial comparison with the likes of Mazzy Star, Damon and Naomi, even latter day Broadcast.  However, make no mistake, this has both an instant and enduring charm of its own and stands favourable comparison with any of the “peer group”. 

Other than the quality of the music, the reason why this works well is pacing. Aside from the deliciously ethereal eight minute, “30th and Sanchez” (featuring some serious Theramin action courtesy of Octopus Project’s Yvonne Lambert) only the aforementioned “Up All Night...” clocks in at more than 5 minutes. In fact, most of the rest barely touches half of that. Whilst those who consider the world to have started and ended with side-long slow burners may be tempted to feel short changed at this point, bear in mind that this sort of format doesn’t allow for much latitude as a result of which it would be easy for this to quickly become a boring retread of itself. In this case, less really is more and it is to Jackson and Staggs’ credit that that they are able to keep proceedings so fresh and interesting throughout.  

The verdict? Well, Magic Lighthouse on the Infinite Sea is pleasingly poptastic in a way that goes straight to your psychedelic psunspot (and in a way that shouts “silly grin alert”). Great cover from the inimitable Iker Spozio, too.

~ Ian Frasier, Terrascope UK

Few bands put together a style that best exemplifies the Outersound Underground, and one of them is All In The Golden Afternoon – the musical project of Texans Rachel Goldstar and Carlos Jackson. Since 2008, they’ve been putting out music that blurs the lines between space-rock, psychedelic and dreampop. Rachel’s background spans back to the late 90’s and her band Experimental Aircraft, and Carlos has put in his time with the sprawling supergroup Polyphonic Spree. So far they’ve put out an EP, a full-length LP, a soundtrack, and are currently working on their second full-length due out sometime in 2013.

~ Outersound Underground

Someday, someone will describe with great precision how the music of ALL IN THE GOLDEN AFTERNOON so perfectly and strangely casts in sound those emotions related to love, longing, wonder and wandering. Today is not that day, and this is not written by that someone.

We wish that weren’t the case. We wish it were easy. We wish detailing how space can be stretched so sublimely by synth-stabbing spouses from Austin, Texas, were effortless. It’s not.

Nor is the music of All in the Golden Afternoon, though it certainly feels effortless. Not in the sense of being easy, or void of deep consideration, or that the sounds are unexamined. Not at all. Rather, that effortless sensation – perhaps best illustrated on the band’s recent album, “Magic Lighthouse on the Infinite Sea” – stems from a collection of songs that sound natural in the broadest sense: songs that were not assembled, but born, songs free from artificiality, affectation or inhibitions.

And where there is the danger that ascribing notions of the “natural” in music can result in an exclusion of the “supernatural” … it’s not a concern when discussing All in the Golden Afternoon. Maybe you missed that part about their latest album being called “Magic Lighthouse on the Infinite Sea.” Maybe you long to drift effortlessly, naturally on an infinite sea. Maybe …

Listen: I wasn’t kidding around when I started this by saying I cannot describe what it is about the music of All in the Golden Afternoon that is so magical to me, what it is that has compelled me to keep an All in the Golden Afternoon pin on the lapel of my black jacket for nearly a year now (since seeing them at Austin Psych Fest 3), and whether this will translate in any way to you and your personal musical enjoyment. But I’m also not kidding when I say: you should give them a listen.

~ Revolt of the Apes

you may place your order here for the limited vinyl run (only 250 copies), which will include a personal digital download code

this album is pressed on vinyl with a beautiful full-colour gatefold cover because the artwork is amazing. 

the cover art was hand engraved by iker spozio, who listened to this album as he created the cover. iker is a brilliant artist and the band feels lucky to have worked with him on their first two releases. view his work:

album details: 
written, recorded, and produced by rachel staggs & carlos jackson 
artwork by iker spozio 
mastered by jim wilson

special guests featured on the album: 
yvonne lambert from octopus project & chad merritt from st. mary's